Hack for Sweden is an initiative to raise awareness and demonstrate the value of government agencies open data. It is a community consisting of over 30 government agencies and individuals who want to create sustainable impact with the tool of open data.

An annual 48-hour hackathon is the core event of Hack for Sweden.

Friday April 13th

16:30 - Registration and exhibition
Registration on site and exhibition with open data from participating government agencies.

18.00 - Opening speech
Opening speech together with presentation of challenges.

19.30 -

  • API Workshop
    Are you new to APIs? Take the opportunity to learn more with Victoria Wagman and 46elks!

  • Azure Workshop
    Not sure what platform to use? Get things sorted out with Azure and Dag König!

  • AWS Workshop
    Build your own serverless API on AWS! Maraina Bocoi & Éléonore will walk it through!

00.00 -
Tournament X

The rules are simple. The crowd has never been as big. Tournament X will be announced closer to midnight.

Saturday April 14th

16:00 - Capture The Flag
Are you stuck and need a break from your ongoing work? Try out the CTF challenges provided by MLH (Major League Hacking) and test your hacking skills.

00:00 - Mission Y
The mission will be announced closer to midnight

Sunday April 15th

10:00 -

  • Submit solution
    Submit your solution to the site Devpost (Link to be announced). The jury will use this information together with their input from the Jury Walk, to choose the 10 finalists!

  • Jury walk
    The jury will split up and walk around, listen to and discuss your solutions.

13:00 - The Grand Pitch
The 10 finalists pitch their solutions on stage.

14:45 - Coding in the Dark with 46elks
20 contestants will competet in the coding challenge, watch live on stage!

15:30 - Prize ceremony
Prize ceremony and photoshoot

16:30 - See you at Hack for Sweden 2019!


The Hackathon

A hackathon is an event where enthusiasts collaborate intensely to develop software over a short period of time. Multidisciplinary teams work on assigned challenges. A jury evaluates the entries in accordance to certain criteria and finally announce a winner. The purpose of Hack for Sweden is to stimulate and increase the use of open data.


During the 48 hours, you will brainstorm and use open data to code solutions to the announced challenges. The prize Hack for Sweden Award will go to the team that in the most innovative way demonstrates the possibilities with open data.

Open Data & Open Source

Open data is data that can be freely used, re-used and redistributed by anyone. Several agencies contribute to Hack for Sweden with open data. Open source is code that is open for anyone to reuse and develop.

Rule Book

To participate in Hack for Sweden you must work on one of the announced challenges, use data from at least one of the contributing authorities and make your solution open source and not violate any of the stated rules.

Participating Agencies & Collaborators