Hack for Sweden is a government mission raised to increase the awareness and use of open data. Our focus and goal is to stimulate and broaden the use of open data for the benefit of society. We also organize Sweden's largest yearly hackaton organized by government agencies, the hackaton of 2018 is the fifth since the beginning in 2014. The main responsibility has rotated each year between the agencies, this year Arbetsförmedlingen (Swedish Employement Service) was the head organizer. Previous agencies have been SMHI, Tillväxtverket, Naturvårdsverket and Sveriges Geologiska Undersökning, SGU.

Project Management 2018

  • Ann Molin, Head Project Manager
  • ...
  • Erik Nilsson, Community Manager
  • Steering Committee

  • Olle Lundin, Chairman of the board
  • ...
  • Ann Molin
  • ...
  • Sofia Stigendal
  • ...
  • Erik Borälv
  • ...
  • Angela Yong
  • ...
  • Arash Sangari
  • ...
  • Sanja Halling
  • ...
  • Richard Dahlstrand
  • ...
  • Ulf Durnell
  • ...
  • Åsa Olsson
  • The Jury 2018

  • Ishtar Touailat
    Head of Innovation at Tieto, Top Influencer 2017
  • ...
  • Sara Selldahl
    Head of Nordics Marketing for Google Cloud
  • ...
  • Mikael Ahlström
    Founder of Sup46, The Park, Britny
  • ...
  • Filippa Jennersjö
    Head of IT at Arbetsförmedlingen
  • ...
  • Aric Dromi
    Digital philosopher, Profesional Trouble Maker
  • ...
  • Susanne Fuglsang
    Innovation Catalyst & COO at Innovation Pioneers
  • The Teams 2018

    Momentum AI with Match Yourself
    Motivation: "They found a way to solve a big social problem and a big challenge and they did it by finding a way to quicker find the right job. They used innovative technology like machine learning and they did it with a unique combination of personality testing plus company culture."

    The service let's you walk through a proven scientific method for understanding the personal traits by asking 20 question and by combining Arbetsförmedlingen APIs (ontology and real-time job api) we collect information about matching words used to describe certain job categories to get a personality score of a job to be match with. This is futher analysed to get the top matching jobs for the person at hand.
    Eric Leijonmarck Birger Moëll Viktor Qvarfordt Anton Osika

    Read more about the solution at https://devpost.com/software/match-yourself

    Overstellar with Biologg
    Motivation: "By using existing needs and data from government agencies, adding engaging interfaces with gamification, taking it to the next level. Collecting information literally from the grassroots and aggregating to scientists and decision makers. With an innovative mindset and digital competence but also a strong focus on the relevant technologies - the nature itself is in 3D after all."
    Daniel Eriksson Anna-Karin Bergkvist Sini Tinfors

    Read more about the solution at https://devpost.com/software/biologg

    Team Flamboyant with Resilient distributed crisis information
    Motivation: “In the jury we have today seen a lot of different teams present different solutions on how to react in a crisis situation. The challenge is this; when crisis strikes the first thing that goes down is usually the networks. So for our Deep tech prize we have decided to focus on the team behind resilient distributed crisis information, that focus on infrastructure and standing the frictions of infrastructure."
    Konstantin Fedorov Juan Fernandez

    Read more about the solution at https://devpost.com/software/resilient-distributed-crisis-information

    Division by Zero with Location rank
    Motivation: “There is a lot of ongoing debate in the world about the future of jobs. We stand before a divided, unsure and ever changing employment market. With this as backdrop, the winners of the Benefit for the Public Award want to make available a platform to nurture entrepreneurship and make it more possible to pursue and monetize everyone’s own personal dream.” Ludvig Persson Rafal Paliwoda Anton Fenske

    Read more about the solution at https://devpost.com/software/locateme-dj81wu

    Delta with the solution Delta
    Alexander Tuoma Jonas Valfridsson Karl-Oskar Rikås Emelie Lou-Lou Pei Isak Lindhé Jesper Fridefors

    Read more about the solution at https://devpost.com/software/delta-4c7pkn

    Collaborating Agencies

    Collaborating Partners